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Present on the Italian market since 1946, operand initially only as a distributor of flexible metal hoses for all industrial applications. The evolution of the market and the demand of the customers led the company to change its organization and many of the initial settings. The various changes have occurred over time have brought Demer S.r.l. to occupy an industrial plant location, original as solid.

As demonstrated by the steady increase in the number of customers and the volume of business concluded, the confidence that comes from private customers grow with us.

The new settlement Inzago, It is specialized in the production of flexible and compensating metal expansion tubes suitable to satisfy the needs of customers in rapid expansion. The success is the result of a company policy that aims to deliver a high level of service, rapid deliveries and a series of products suitable for every kind of application. With an efficient welding center the company is able to realize flexible metal hoses for the most sophisticated applications, according to custom designs, and its internal design.

The elastomers Department, instead he realizes rubber hoses for pneumatic and hydraulic service for high and very high pressures, such chemicals, abrasive and special. Following modern assembly procedures, They also realize PTFE hoses, smooth, corrugato e convoluto, and as a substrate made of special rubber hoses.
The Demer S.r.l., It is also able to provide rubber hoses in the most diverse range of compounds, up to an internal diameter of 1000 mm, and a length of 20 meters.

As described above, There is a complete range of carbon steel fittings or stainless steel AISI 304 E such 316.

The production range is completed by a line of expansion of compensating for process industrial uses, for heating installations and for marine use, DN 25 al DN 1000. Keeping all the prerogatives of a small size structure, Demer S.r.l. designs and manufactures stainless steel implants for the treatment of metals, shipbuilding and railway use.